CM-2-(40, 60, 80) Volumetric Divider & Rounder

CM-2-(40, 60, 80) is a volumetric divider suitable for dividing various types of dough. This dough divider utilizes a piston based system that divides dough into a predetermined weight range. This helps ensure a more accurate weight range of the portioned dough.

The machine has a capacity of 30 pcs of dough per plate.


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Additional information

Weight 657 kg
Dimensions 1160 × 1230 × 1780 mm
Dough Capacity

CM-2-40: 30~100 g/pc
CM-2-60: 40~250 g/pc
CM-2-80: 60~300 g/pc

Max. 3000 pc/hr


415 V


1.1 kW


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