Two-Half Door Upright Refrigerator



  1. The unit is a complete set of pull-out drawer type. The compressors are mainly European brands. The cable line arrangement of the machine is neat, clear, safe, and easy to maintain.
  2. Temperature control adopts imported most advanced intelligent computer board, compact and responsive, instantly display of 0.1 ℃ difference (can be connected to the automatic repair service system)
  3. The appearance and interior design of the machine are delicate and beautiful, more humanity.
  4. The side panel box is made with one-piece foaming material, which is more stable, safe and easy to handle.
  5. The cooling fan adopts the power-saving type, which can save 18% of the electricity. The radiator adopts the high-efficiency ultra-thin type.
  6. The Casters can be changed to adjustment leg.
  7. Customized L-shaped bracket inside, could place 40*60 baking pan.
  8. Can be customized low temperature -25℃ and -35℃.
  9. If additional stainless steel high pressure evaporation water tray is needed, our high pressure evaporating water tray is made of stainless steel, place in the bottom of the freezer which is safe from which is safe, do not burn and not taint.

The machine can be configured as a refrigerator or freezer (or both) as described below:


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