UFM5000 Automatic Ultrasonic Food Slicing Machine



Product Description
UFM5000 intelligent ultrasonic food cutting standard machine is a fully automatic, high-performance food cutting equipment, with multi-axis standard control system. In the actual production of food according to the needs of fixed-point positioning cutting, automatic completion of operations, greatly improving work efficiency. With the most economical purchase, to maximize the benefits.
• The device has four cutting modes, including circular aliasing mode, slice mode, rectangular cut box mode, rectangular tangent triangle mode. Working speed and angle parameters are adjustable.
• For the round, rectangular and other shapes of bread, cakes, pizza and other baked goods for a variety of shapes of cutting function.

Cutting Mode Schematic
Ultrasonic Food Slicing Machine

Actual Cutting Effect
ultrasonic cutting
Key Features
• Ultrasonic cutting to achieve non-contact, zero pressure cutting processing mode.
• Treat creamy jelly and other sticky food sticky knives, smooth and beautiful.
• Simple and fast product positioning, according to the needs of all-round cutting.
• The cutting products can be automatically positioned and cut according to the parameters entered in advance.
• Automatic use of conveyor belts for efficient food cutting, saving manpower.
• Respond to market consumers’ needs to maximize food hygiene and safety.
• During the slitting process, the job is fully automated without human intervention and increased productivity.

This ultrasonic cleaning machine for food can be applied to baking foods (cakes, bread, pizza, sandwiches, etc.) that are shaped like round, rectangular, triangular, etc. to achieve the optimal cutting effect.
• Baking cakes
• Pizza
• Sandwiches
• Candy
• Ice cream
• Cheese
• Frozen products




Additional information

Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 1300 × 1280 × 1700 mm

240 V


6 kW

Cutting Speed

<60 beats/min


400 x 600 mm

Temperature Range

-14 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

Cutting Accuracy

±0.2 mm

Blade Height

60 mm

Blade Length

600 mm


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